Resistance Training Programs

10 Health Benefits Of Resistance Training

“I’ve personally lost 135 pounds using resistance training.”

Consistent resistance training is one of the best ways for both men and women to improve their health. Routine resistance training will promote chronic, healthy adaptations in your body.

  • Muscular: Increase muscular endurance, power, size, and strength
  • Enzymatic: Increases levels of anaerobic enzymes stored in muscle
  • Endocrine: Increases testosterone levels and body’s sensitivity to hormones
  • Cardiovascular: Induces new capillary growth
  • Body Composition: Increases body’s lean-mass, and decreases body-fat percentage
  • Metabolic: Additional muscle mass increases basal metabolic rate (burn more energy at rest)
  • Connective Tissue: Strengthens ligaments and tendons
  • Skeletal: Increases bone mass density
  • Neurological: Neuroplasticity (form new connections between neurons, improving critical thinking, learning, and memory)
  • Psychological: Releases dopamine, endocannabinoids, endorphins, and serotonin, which improves mood, mitigates stress, and fosters habit formation.

In order to get the most out of resistance training, you need specificity. Settle on a specific fitness goal: muscular physique, raw strength, or perhaps a major weight-loss transformation. To realize your fitness goal, specific training methods must be applied for a prolonged period of time.

As an NSCA professional, I have personally developed and tested several resistance training programs. I created these programs in order to provide folks like you with a high-quality, yet affordable, personal training alternative.

How Online Personal Training Works

I have built and customized training plans for you to choose from. Bring your workouts to the gym, follow the training plan, and track your progress. Videos demonstrating proper exercise form, nutrition, in-app social group messaging with trainer and other members, self-scheduling of workouts, and more available in your training program through. *Note: Your training plan will begin the following Monday after purchase. This is so you do not miss any initial training sessions.

Still Not Sure? 3-Day Trial For Only $1

Still not sure? That’s okay! You should be skeptical about digital products. Especially in the Health and Fitness industry. Sure, I’ve personally lost 135 pounds. Sure, I’m a licensed NSCA personal trainer. But how are you to know if the personal training programs are any good? I completely understand where you’re coming from, so I’m going to give you…

 3-Day trial with full access for just $1

 50%-Off list price ($99/mo.), so only $49.50/mo. for 3-months

 Access to in-app social group messaging with other members

 45-minute intro video explaining science of:Resistance Training Your New Friend


  • Resistance training program design
  • Developing muscular strength
  • Developing muscular size
  • Using muscle to accelerate fat loss
  • Developing stunning six-pack abs
  • …and much, much more!


So sign up for your 3-Day, Full-Access $1 trial right now. Set up your account and download the app (located in e-mail that’s sent to your inbox). Log in, review the video content, your training plan, get to know other members, view your nutrition plan, and get ready to transform your body and your life over the coming months!


12-wk Muscle Size: Bodybuilding $49.50/mo.

This program is for individuals who have considerable energy and time to dedicate to resistance training. If you already train consistently, are intrinsically motivated, have strong willpower, and aim to improve upon your muscular physique–the ‘Muscle Size: Bodybuilding’ resistance training program is for you.

Resistance Training Programs

  • *For Advanced Lifters: 6x workout sessions per week
  • Over 50+ unique bodybuilding workout routines
  • 2-phase undulating training cycle
  • Optional resisted cardio for preserving muscle while cutting
  • Access to workout app that facilitates the training program
  • Predominately Free-Weights
  • In-app messaging with trainer
  • In-app video library: demonstrates proper execution of every lift
  • Precise bodybuilding nutrition plan for bulking and cutting

12-wk Muscle Size: Bodybuilding Resistance Training Program

Resistance Training Program Secure Payment


12-wk Accelerated Fat Loss $49.50/mo.

This resistance training program is designed to accelerate fat loss. Resistance training is key for fat loss because the more muscle mass you can build and maintain increases your resting energy expenditure. This program is designed to be time efficient for busy people using the 80/20 rule.

Resistance Training Programs

  • 80/20 Rule: 80% of the results from 20% of the training time and work
  • Access to workout app that facilitates the training program
  • 3-phase program builds, then maintains muscle as you burn fat
  • Predominately Free-Weights
  • 4x workout sessions per week, move around to fit your schedule
  • Videos demonstrating proper execution and technique of all lifts
  • In-app contact with trainer
  • In-depth nutrition for building muscle and weight loss

12-wk Accelerated Fat Loss Resistance Training Program

Resistance Training Program Secure Payment


12-wk Muscle Size and Strength $49.50/mo.

This resistance training program stems from professional football, hockey, rugby and other professional sport teams’ training back in the 80’s and 90’s. This old school program was developed to facilitate results-based training for athletes while in-season. This program utilizes a unique undulating periodization.

Resistance Training Programs


  • Access to workout app that facilitates the training program
  • Program designed to build muscle and then develop its strength
  • Predominately Free-Weights
  • 4x workouts sessions per week, move around to fit your schedule
  • Videos demonstrating proper execution and technique
  • 1 Repetition Max instruction videos included
  • In-app contact with trainer
  • Muscle building nutrition plan included

12-wk Muscle Size and Strength Resistance Training Program

Resistance Training Program Secure Payment


12-wk Muscle Strength: Powerlifting

COMING SOON! This training program is currently being developed and tested by the trainer. It is scheduled to be available around New Year’s time! Stay tuned.

Resistance Training Programs

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